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JSON schema linter

The main purpose of the JSON schema linter is to catch issues and critical errors in schema specifications early and automatically. This helps to increase the quality of the schema pool and to avoid breaking the work-flow. The linter reports issues, which are not covered by the standard schema validation. As an example, a broken $ref link, or missing definitions are detected and can be fixed immediately.

This JSON schema linter page is a simple showcase of the live analyzer available in JSONBuddy. The linter, available using the web form, offers the complete functionality but is currently limited to schemas with less than 5 KB of text. The report is generated on the server using the command-line tool which is part of the JSONBuddy software package. You can find a list of currently detected issues by the schema linter here

During the testing period, the WebAPI is accessible without any authentication. Using the API, any input schema is limited to 10 KB of size.

POST https://www.json-schema-linter.com/api/jsonschemalinter/analyze
Content-Type: application/json

Request content: JSON schema
Response body: Linter report. Empty if no issues are found.

The JSON schema linter is available at the following usage scenarios:

  1. As live analyzer in the JSONBuddy json editor for Windows. All issues are reported immediately while you are editing your JSON schema documents.
  2. The command-line tool which is part of the JSONBuddy software package. Run the linter for any number of JSON schema files locally or on your server.
  3. Through the WebAPI. No need to setup your own environment.

Please note: This page is currently still a work in progress.

Copy your JSON schema into the text field below and use the "Analyze schema" button to get the JSON report from the linter.